Internship Week One: You Really Can Get Lost in Dublin

The first thing I was told about Dublin was “You will never get lost.” The second thing I was told, almost immediately after, was “If you do get lost, people are extremely friendly.” So far, the first statement has proven to be absolutely, completely false. I have gotten lost just leaving the door of my host family’s house, in the beautiful (but really not all that big) village of Dalkey – not to mention my attempts at navigating the capital city itself.

However, I will admit that over the past two days, I have not yet had the misfortune to ask a single unfriendly person for directions. This is either a miracle of statistics (because I have already asked far too many times than is socially acceptable) or people really are just super friendly.

Before coming to Dublin, I was nervous about coming to a capital city. I was wondering if I would ever be able to find my way around. Now, having spent the first few days here, I’ve come to realise it’s fine if I do get lost. That’s all part of exploring a new place. I have found myself wandering around with very little clue where I am going, but content to just slow down and take everything in.

This isn’t only due to the fact that I’ve accepted my fate to get completely and utterly lost, but also because Dublin isn’t like any of the cities in the UK. It seems as if there is so much more space here – not like our claustrophobic, overcrowded urban sprawl.

I will be in Dublin for two months, which should be more than enough time to see all of the sights, as well as explore the less ‘touristy’ areas. (Although, as I’m here for an internship, I will be spending most of my week working, so watch this space.)

So far, I have paid a visit to the incredibly disconcerting, but very entertaining National Wax Museum Plus. (There’s nothing like taking twenty selfies of yourself and Gollum for a bit of top-notch amusement.) Wherever you look, out the corner of your eye it always seems as if someone else has just walked into the room. The Chamber of Horrors, complete with Hannibal Lector is even more spine-tingling – and a great laugh (or a hysterical giggle, if you’re actually pretty scared, like I was). I won’t spoil the surprises for you!

This is just a quick check in, but I will post again (complete with pictures) soon. Counting down to the weekend, until I can go exploring again – just one more day to go!

P.S. My Dublin Bucket List (so far):

  • Cycle around Phoenix Park and visit Dublin Zoo
  • Walk up Killiney Hill in Dalkey
  • Go to the Leprechaun Museum
  • Visit the Guinness Storehouse
  • See some live music
  • Go to Howthe and Bray

Do any of you have any more recommendations?