Why is feminism still important?

The post below puts it a lot more eloquently than I could. It is well worth a read, and interesting food for thought. I have always felt that, for me, feminism is all about equality and I have tried to stress that it does not have to be aggressive or “man-bashing”. Now, I’m going to think again. This post is a stark reminder that as opposed to simply toting the words  ‘equality’ and ‘equals’ around, and despite the (supposedly) negative connotations of the label ‘feminist’ in many’s eyes, the force of feminism is needed. (Yes, still.)

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this, as it seems to be hotly debated amongst feminists themselves. How do we define ourselves? What is the role of feminism today, and how should it be implemented within society? Why is feminism still important? Is it still a relevant label? The blog post below has some strong answers to these questions.

The Belle Jar

Last night I was flipping through Margaret Atwood’s Wilderness Tips (which, by the way, is probably her best book of short stories). In the middle of Uncles, I came across a brief exchange between two characters, one of whom is trying to convince the other to write a guest piece on feminism for his newspaper:

“This would be a different angle.” There was a pause; she imagined him polishing his glasses. “It would be – now that the women’s movement has accomplished its goals, isn’t it time to talk about men, and the ways they’ve been hurt by it?”

“Percy,” she said carefully, “where do you get the idea that the women’s movement has accomplished its goals?”

I feel like this is a conversation that I’ve been having for most of my adult life. For someone who came of age in the 90s and early 2000s, it can be…

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